Ultimate Guide To Using Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential oils are known for their countless number of benefits, from stress reduction to helping you ward off a cold as the temperatures turn cooler. Not surprising, but much less well known, is their ability to aid in weight loss. There are seven essential oils in particular that have proven to be effective at shedding unwanted pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. Essential oils may be the answer to your weight loss woes!

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How To Resist Social Pressure To Ditch Your Healthy Habits

If you’ve committed to eating healthy and getting in better shape, you’ve likely faced pressure by friends, family or coworkers to ditch your efforts and give in to whatever sugary, processed, greasy food that has been made available. Even though we may not like to think that these people are intentionally trying to sabotage our hard work and dedication,  the reality is that having a social life while trying to commit to a healthy lifestyle is full of challenges. This article posted on www.12MinuteAthlete.com by fitness coach John Fawkes is a great read on how to resist the social pressures that can lead you astray. Stay strong and keep the commitment that you’ve made to yourself to be the best you can be (since that’s the only person who has control of your health anyway!).

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7 Quick Workout Circuits: Squeeze In a Workout When You’re Short on Time

Short on time or just looking to mix up your workout routine? Check out these 7  short workout circuits to get moving! Push yourself to do a circuit three times through with a minute rest in between each round…or do as many as you have time for! One round is always better than none.

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Apple Cider Vinegar: The Natural Secret for Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar is known for it’s health benefits and has a wide array of uses from cooking, cleaning and natural detoxification. But did you know that it can also help you lose weight? Research has proven that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and by keeping your blood sugar levels stable, among other reasons. I find myself overeating and snacking when I’m not even hungry, so I decided to give apple cider vinegar a shot to see if it could help me curb my bad habits.

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 10 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes

If you’re anything like me, mornings are tough. I’m usually running around trying to get out the door on time and don’t have any more than a few minutes to grab something to eat. I love breakfast (and for that matter, food in general) so I’m always looking for ways to get the best breakfast out of those few precious minutes I have. I’ve compiled ten of my favorite breakfast recipes that are fast, easy and healthy. Hopefully they can help make your mornings a little more delicious and nutritious!

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Great Armband for Runners! Nite Ize Action Armband

I have been in need of a new armband for quite some time now. The one I have been using is meant for an iPod Nano and I have an iPhone 5c. Talk about a tight squeeze! It keeps my phone on my arm, but that is about all it is good for. Needless to say, I was delighted when I received a Nite Ize Action Armband in the mail to review.  I took it out for a run as soon as I could, and I’m never using my too-tiny armband again!

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Salad In a Jar: A Quick, Easy & Healthy Lunch Idea

Trying to find a quick, easy and healthy solution for lunch seems like a never ending quest. Salads always seemed like a good option for me, but usually by the time I pulled out my salad for lunch  it never looked as appetizing as when I made it the night before. My greens never seemed to stay crisp, so then I started putting any ingredient that I didn’t want touching my greens in separate containers and mixing them in when lunch came around.  Not only was this time consuming, but it also made for a lot of dishes! Then I discovered salads in a jar. Say goodbye to soggy greens and taking any time during your lunch to prep your salad! It also saves time during the week because I can make all of my lunches on Sunday night, rather than make each salad the night before.

You can find a lot of recipes and articles about how to make the best salad in a jar, but I’ve found that this article from Back to Her Roots has delicious recipe ideas and a great overview of the dos and don’ts of the oh-so -wonderful salad in a jar.

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The Ultimate Guide To Staying Fit While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, it’s easy to push your workout routine to the side and make excuses for why you can’t get a workout in. Traveling is usually a double whammy because you’re usually eating out and indulging more than you would normally. After you get home and get back into your routine, that first day back at the gym can be brutal. You feel like you’ve lost your momentum and are back at square one. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the struggle of that first day back and keep moving while you’re away from home?


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Challenge Yourself – Sign up for a race!

Are you worried the workout habits you’ve developed over the summer will fade away like the warm summer temperatures? A great way to stay motivated and on track is to sign up for a race. If you dedicate yourself to a training schedule anything is possible. Choose a race and a distance that makes sense for you and get after it! Crossing the finish line after weeks of training will leave you feeling amazing and ready to tackle the next challenge.


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What is Soda Doing to My Body? 10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda Now

Are you still drinking soda? If so, how much? Once a month…a week…a day? Have you ever thought about what that one innocent can of soda could be doing to your body? The facts are going to make you clean out your fridge immediately and never take another sip.

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