Seasons 52 Combines Healthy Eating and Fine Dining

Trying to keep a healthy heart and waistline can be a real challenge when going out to eat. This is especially true when it comes to fine dining where rich cheeses, butters, and creams seem to be on every plate. Thankfully Seasons 52 has stepped in and combined fresh heathy eats with fine dining.
With locations scattered across the US, Seasons 52 takes their version of a farm to table concept and manages to execute it creatively. The menu changes 4 times a year with each season. ¬†Additionally they feature a “weekly specials” menu with fresh options that rotate 52 times a year, hence the name “Seasons 52”. On top of that, Seasons 52 is committed to keeping unhealthy fats out of their dishes and uses flavor-focused cooking techniques to keep every item on their menu under 475 calories.

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Seasons 52 is about more than just great food though, their smartly decorated restaurants are a great choice for a romantic date night or business meal. On top of that, they feature a very deep wine list, and even feature some wines made just for them.

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On our visit to Seasons 52 we tried a wide sampling of their menu and have to say that we were thoroughly impressed with what we found.

Flat Bread at Seasons 52

Our meal began with a delectable mushroom flat bread. After taking our first bite neither of us could believe that they were able to get so much flavor without all the calories. Cooking the dough on a wood burning stove really brought out a lot of flavor and all the fresh greens on top really made the dish pop.

Seasons 52 salmon

For our main entree, we enjoyed a sampling of a few different menu items. The cedar roasted Salmon was served with a nice selection of veggies. Once again, by lightly seasoning the fish they allowed the natural flavors to shine and combine nicely with the accompanying veggies.

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The next sampling was a lamb dish. I was thrilled to see lamb on the menu, since it’s not too common in American cuisine. Once again it was well seasoned and many of the meats natural flavors were allowed to shine thorough. For a dish under 475 calories, I was also impressed with the portion size of each entree. This held just as true for the roasted chicken and steak we sampled.

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After a great meal, it’s always a treat to enjoy a taste of something sweet. Seasons 52 offers a nice selection of mini-indulgences which are ¬†mini-desserts with flavors like gingerbread pumpkin and key lime pie. I cannot state enough how throughly impressed we were by the thought of these being under 475 calories.Gingerbread Mini Dessert at easons 52

As you can see, Seasons 52 has a great looking menu. By using innovative cooking techniques and fresh wholesome ingredients they’ve managed to mix fine dining with healthy eating. Next time you are looking for a place to enjoy a romantic dinner or just a delicious and healthy meal, they should definitely be on your list.

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  1. That restaurant looks cozy and classy. I’d love to dine there.

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